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South West Ward Priorities 2017/18

Every year each of the four wards that make up the South West area produces a set of Ward Priorities. The South West Councillors have refreshed their Ward Priorities for 2017/18. The refreshing of the priorities may result in some minor changes. The Ward Councillors with the support of the Locality Officer will outline 3 or 4 local priorities and work on developing, supporting and delivering activity that contributes to achieving the actions identified under each of the ward priorities.

The ward priorities have been informed by the local community, advice from service providers and local statistics, which all contribute towards outlining the Ward Priorities for each of the four wards in the South West Area.

The ward priorities will help to provide the legal justification for Councillors decisions about how they allocate the Ward Pot. They will also be used to inform local people about what their local Councillors and partners are working towards. Ward Priorities will be refreshed on an annual basis following local consultation.

Crookes & Crosspool Ward Priorities 2017

Dore & Totley Ward Priorities 2017

Ecclesall Ward Priorities 2017

Fulwood Ward Priorities 2017