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The information on this web site is provided for village residents, for visitors and for all who enjoy the community of Dore Village. This web site complements Dore to Door, a publication produced by the Dore Village Society.

You can contact us with any queries about the website, or with information that you would like included, by email.

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Groovy Grub fun with food for kids

Cooking parties for primary age children.

Also, cooking classes in Dore for pre-schoolers every Tuesday morning during term-time.

The classes are linked to maths and phonics and are led by an experienced primary teacher.

Contact Alison on 07811 551385

or email alison@groovygrubfun.co.uk.

Coffee Morning & Bring and Buy Sale

MHA Fairthorn warmly invites you to a coffee morning and bring and buy sale. The event will take place on Friday 4th September 2015 from 10:00am- 12 noon at MHA Fairthorn, 117 Townhead Road Dore S17 3AJ.

Stalls will include cakes, books, bric-a-brac and raffles with all proceeds going towards the charity of The Methodist Housing Association (MHA).

No. 70 Bus Campaign

The following letter was handed in to the South Yorkshire Bus Partnership on Monday 27th July along with a petition from over 950 Dore residents complaining about the plan to remove the no.70 bus service

We are opposed to the plans to remove the no.70 bus service and to replace it by running the no.81 out from Ecclesall to Dore.

This service is proposed to run at 20 minute intervals and is being promoted as an improvement on the current service while completely ignoring the impact of removing a service which is extremely important to people who need to get to and from the four hospitals on that route, the university and the schools and other locations along that route.

The people affected include:
• Patients attending hospital appointments.
• People visiting others who are in-patients at one of the hospitals
• People who work at the organisations listed above
• Schoolchildren at the schools

This amounts to several hundred people.

The option of changing at Hunter’s Bar to a no.10 (running at hourly intervals) or a no.80 (running at 30 minute intervals) or going into town and then catching a bus out is not a satisfactory alternative for a number of reasons, for example:
• Many users are elderly, infirm or suffer from disabilities which make travel difficult at the best of times. Changing buses adds to their problems.
• Waiting in the cold, wind and rain for a connection will be extremely unpleasant for anyone let alone those who are elderly, infirm or suffer from disabilities.
• Changing buses will make planning journeys more difficult for those with fixed appointments. A missed connection could lead to a missed appointment and for people with serious conditions this could have serious consequences. There will be similar inconvenience for people being late for work or for school. • Changing buses will make journey times significantly longer, particularly if people have to make an earlier start to ensure they make a connection to get them to their destination on time.
• Some people receive treatment as hospital outpatients and then have to return home while recovering from the treatment (for example, eye appointments where eye drops are administered and eyesight doesn’t return to normal for several hours making it difficult to read bus numbers at a distance, or conditions which make walking and standing at bus stops difficult or painful).

Car parking (both short and long term) is severely restricted in the vicinity of the hospitals, schools and universities making car journeys impractical.

Some people will have no alternative but to take taxis to and from hospital appointments and that would be very expensive for elderly and disabled people of limited means. There are many disabled people who live along the no.70 route who take the bus, escorted by relatives, friends or carers.

In addition, where people have no option but to drive or be driven, an increase in car usage will add to congestion along Brocco Bank (and onwards), an increase in exhaust emissions and pollution, and a worsening of air quality along a route which is used by a lot of pedestrians and cyclists.

Having outlined some of the problems that will arise from the removal of the no.70 service here are some suggestions.

1. Keep the no.70 and extend its route to run to Bradway, via Dore & Totley station, providing a link to the rail station for south and west Sheffield. That might also help to relieve the car parking problems at Dore &Totley rail station. It might also attract more passengers and increase revenue.

2. Remove the no.70 service but run the no.81 from Dore along the no.70 route to the town centre and then along its existing route from then on. This would remove one bus from Ecclesall Road but there are numerous buses running along this road and the removal of the no.81 is unlikely to affect capacity or frequency in any significant way.

3. Extend the M17 to follow the no.70 route as far as Sheffield University. It could return via the university roundabout.

4. If none of the above are deemed(!) feasible then operate a peak period service along the no.70 route to allow schoolchildren and workers to get to and from schools and work places. This would still leave gaps where people will have difficulty getting to the hospitals. What would you offer to these people?

Keith Shaw
Dore Village Society

Notice from Kutz Hair

Kutz Hair on Causeway Head Road has released a statement regarding the 'rumour' that they will be closing down. Kutz Hair would like to assure their clients that they are definitely not closing, and they wish to express their gratitude to their clients. You can read their official statement below.

Dear Clients,

It has been brought to our attention that there is a rumour around the village that Kutz hair is closing. We would like to reassure you that this is not correct. Kutz has been established in the village for 30 years and it is with your continued loyal custom that we are still here. As far as we're concerned it's business as usual for the foreseeable future.

Scarecrows wanted!

Scarecrows wanted for Dore's Best Scarecrow Competition 2015! It's the time of year again for the annual scarecrow competition around the village. We had some great entries last year so do your best in this year's competition! You'll need to pick up an entry form at Hartleys Fruit Cabin on Townhead Road to register for the competition. Full details can also be found with the registration forms at Hartleys.

This years exciting theme is "Favourite Characters from Fiction" so be sure to get out your favourite fictional books and start making and creating! The more entries the better! Winners will be announced at Dore Shown on Saturday 12th September 2015.

Good luck!

Scheduled Tree Felling in Dore

The local council has recently released the list of trees due to be either felled or replaced in the B52 Dore area. This list is available as a Microsft Excel spreadsheet, downloadable by clicking here.

Any disputes or complaints should be sent to Councillor Joe Otten at Joe.Otten@sheffield.gov.uk.

The Rise of Totley Rise

'The Rise of Totley Rise,' a book written by Pauline Burnett and published by the Totley History Group, is now on sale at the Dore post office and at the village stores for £5.

The book tells the story of how Totley was named, and how it has grown from a simple mill in 1875 to the community we know today. Well worth a read for people wanting to know more about the area!

Amey Road Resurfacing

Amey are scheduled to start work on road resurfacing, footpath repair and renewal and replacing street lamps in Dore and Totley shortly. Dore is scheduled for September 2015 through to September 2016 and Totley from September 2015 through to December 2017.

The work will not be continuous but carried out in phases. There's a map on the DVS noticeboard on Devonshire Terrace Rd, Dore showing where and when the work is being carried out.

DVS committee members met with our local councillors, representatives from the Council and Amey liaison recently to ensure that Amey is aware of items which we want addressed. We covered highway drainage gullies and road drains (particularly eliminating the River Savage), street lighting, grass verge damage caused by motorists parking on verges, and liaison with residents prior to, and during, the work.

Amey has a liaison officer you can contact: Claire Tideswell - South West Community Steward, Streets Ahead - Streetsahead@sheffield.gov.uk

A map of the Amey roadworks plans can be accessed here

Dore Village Society is now also a Neighbourhood Planning Forum

Both Sheffield City Council and the Peak District Planning Authority have approved Dore Village Society’s applications to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum and agreed the Neighbourhood Planning Area for Dore.

Both local planning authorities are required to support the preparation of a neighbourhood plan. Any neighbourhood plan must comply with the local plans for both local authority areas but there is scope to influence the location and type of development that the community feels is appropriate to protect and enhance the village and its countryside context.

Under the Localism Act 2011 the designation permits the Dore Village Society to prepare a neighbourhood plan that can make planning policies to reflect the local community’s views on new development in the area for the next 15-20 years. This is a good reason for members of the community becoming members of Dore Village Society. If you live or work in the village your membership will be welcomed.

Work on the Plan has commenced, encouraged by the two local planning authorities. The initial work has been based on the Village Design Statement published by Dore Village Society in 2005 and on further consultation undertaken of the whole community through questionnaires in Dore to Door and the Dore Village Society website.

We are still in the early stages of preparing a draft neighbourhood plan and would welcome the offer of help and support from any individual or village group.

Please contact David Crosby; davidcrosby85@yahoo.co.uk
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