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  • Dore in December.
  • Dore in December.
The information on this web site is provided for village residents, for visitors and for all who enjoy the community of Dore Village. This web site complements Dore to Door, a publication produced by the Dore Village Society.

You can contact us with any queries about the website, or with information that you would like included, by email.

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If you have any news that you would like to share on the Dore Village Society website, please send it to the Website Editor.

Dore Village Society is now also a Neighbourhood Planning Forum

Both Sheffield City Council and the Peak District Planning Authority have approved Dore Village Society’s applications to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum and agreed the Neighbourhood Planning Area for Dore.

Both local planning authorities are required to support the preparation of a neighbourhood plan. Any neighbourhood plan must comply with the local plans for both local authority areas but there is scope to influence the location and type of development that the community feels is appropriate to protect and enhance the village and its countryside context.

Under the Localism Act 2011 the designation permits the Dore Village Society to prepare a neighbourhood plan that can make planning policies to reflect the local community’s views on new development in the area for the next 15-20 years. This is a good reason for members of the community becoming members of Dore Village Society. If you live or work in the village your membership will be welcomed.

Work on the Plan has commenced, encouraged by the two local planning authorities. The initial work has been based on the Village Design Statement published by Dore Village Society in 2005 and on further consultation undertaken of the whole community through questionnaires in Dore to Door and the Dore Village Society website.

We are still in the early stages of preparing a draft neighbourhood plan and would welcome the offer of help and support from any individual or village group.

Please contact David Crosby; davidcrosby85@yahoo.co.uk

New Art Course in Dore

Brian Smith is expanding his range of watercolour painting classes with a new course for beginners starting on Thursday 25th September to be held in the Old School on Savage Lane. The course will run for nine weeks from 7.00pm to 9.30pm and starts from first principles to develop a thorough knowledge of the medium.

Brian has twenty years experience of teaching painting and already offers two classes at the Old School: on Wednesday afternoons from 2.00pm to 4.30pm and Thursday mornings from 9.30am to 12.00 noon. These are aimed at painters of intermediate level and above who already have experience in water colour but want expert advice and the opportunity to improve in a group of like-minded people.

For more information contact Brian:
Email: brian66artist@hotmail.co.uk
Tel: 07714 262 139

Dore Village Society Committee: Election of Officers

At the June meeting of the Dore Village Society Committee the following were elected as the officers of the society:

Chairman: Keith Shaw
Vice Chairman: David Bearpark
Secretary: Angela Rees
Treasurer: Mark Stanley

Dore Open Gardens 2014

Dore Open Gardens, one of the early events in the Dore Festival calendar, was very well attended again with eight gardens open and over 330 visitors.

The gardens ranged from geometrically formal to mysterious and intriguing, with a large range of plants, trees and shrubs on display as well as refreshments and plants for sale. The weather was well behaved and nearly £2,200 was raised for the various charities chosen by the garden owners.

Our thanks go to the people who spent so much time and effort preparing their gardens for display and whose unstinting efforts were crucial to making this event a success. We look forward to repeating this again next year and if you would like to open your garden please let us know.

Keith Shaw (keith@keithshaw.co.uk or 0114 236 3598) and Jean Stevens (jean@pcfhowes.plus.com or 0114 236 9156), organisers of Dore Open Gardens 2014.


Dore Mercia & Totley Townswomen’s Guild Choir are holding an open rehearsal at Dore Methodist Church Hall on:

Tuesday July 8th, 2014
From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Refreshments provided

Please come along to listen, and join in the singing!

The Townswomen’s Guild (TWG) is a large national organisation with branches in towns and cities throughout the country. Its main aims are to enable women to make the best contribution possible towards the social common good and to provide facilities for recreation, information, and leisure time occupations. Its patron is Princess Anne.

Dore Mercia Guild meets in a morning, and there is also an afternoon Guild. Social activities include Movement and Music, Walking and the Choir. This is a joint choir with Totley Guild, and together they have sung in several concerts and in various northern cathedrals for the Northern Guilds Christmas carol service. Their conductor is Kate Ward and their pianist is Paul Green.

The Guild has a dedicated and hardworking committee in Dore and also in our Sheffield Federation, who arrange tournaments for e.g., crown green bowls and Scrabble. Dore Mercia Guild meets on the second Tuesday of every month for any business affairs, followed by a speaker, and have another, less formal, meeting on the third Tuesday called Social Studies. Theatre visits and other visits are also arranged. Every year money is raised for a local chosen charity.

TWG have a national song: “I am a small part of the world” which epitomises their aims: “singly, we achieve only a small amount; together we can do so much more.”

Dore Village Society: Election of Committee Members

The following were elected to the Dore Village Society committee at the AGM on Wednesday 11 June 2014.

I moved to Dore 20 years ago and joined the committee in June 2003 soon after taking early retirement from the University of Sheffield where I was Director of Finance. I was involved in community activities in my previous home in a Staffordshire village.
On the DVS committee I am responsible for liaison with the Charity commission and DVS constitutional matters. For the last 10 years I organised the Wyvern Walks on behalf of the DVS but have now handed this over to another keen walker. Apart from walking, my main interests include singing with the Dore Male Voice Choir, gardening and travelling. I am a member of the National Trust and a Friend of the Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

I moved from York to Dore 14 years ago. I have one son who grew up in Dore. I have a background of biomedical research and teaching and now work in Leeds for a medical research funding body.
I enjoy living a low carbon lifestyle as it seems obvious to me that lifestyles that respect the planet that we depend upon are vital for all its inhabitant’s long-term health and quality of life. I have been vegan for the past 25 years, my personal reasons being that because non-human animals suffer the same as we do, then they have the same right to their lives and happiness as we do. Current over-consumption of animal products is also a massive contributor to harmful climate change.
I value Sheffield’s beautiful rural fringe and the attractive village character of Dore and so have campaigned for its protection ever since I came to live here.

I moved to Dore in 1984. Formerly a Chartered Accountant, I retired earlier this year. Throughout my time in Dore I have appreciated the work done by the committee of the DVS on behalf of the village community and now wish to put time back into the Society for the benefit of Dore both now and for the future of our village.

I moved to Sheffield eleven years ago following a successful career in the City of London. I have a Masters degree in business administration and am an active member of the Sheffield committee for McMillan Cancer Support, Chairman of the Sheffield Council for Christians and Jews, and ex-President of Sheaf Valley Ladies Probus.
I give talks on my career in the City and, together with my husband, perform poetry to raise money for St Luke's hospice.
I have been the Membership Secretary of the DVS for the past three years.

Having been co-opted to the Dore Village Society Committee as Secretary in January 2014, I am now seeking election to that committee. In my short time on the DVS committee I have been amazed by the commitment of its members, the work they do and achieve in the interests of the people of Dore who are the very heart of the community, and should very much like to continue to contribute in this role to village life.
I have lived in Dore since 2012 but am not a newcomer since at the start of my career I taught at the Primary school where subsequently I became chair of governors. Currently I work as an Education Consultant having for many years held a senior academic post at Sheffield Hallam University.
As trustee of three charitable trusts in Sheffield, school governor and involved in a range of activities at Sheffield Cathedral, alongside my enjoyment of singing with Sheffield Harmony, travel (including voluntary work overseas), book groups, walking, theatre/film, life is seldom dull!

A resident of Dore for over 20 years, I am currently the joint owner of my own corporate finance/business advisory company, Sheffield-based Mackenzie Spencer Limited. My wife Jill is also the owner of Hair Plus hairdressing salon on Townhead Road.
I qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG in 1987 and have since held a number of senior finance positions within the private sector, including the position of Finance Director at Meadowhall Centre when it opened in 1990.
I was Treasurer of the Sheffield Chamber of Trade for three years and also held the position of Treasurer for Dore Christ Church for three years. During the fund-raising exercises for the Dore Old School renovation, I acted as the auditor to the monies raised from the Victorian Market held in the village.

I have lived in Dore for almost five years and lived most of my life in Sheffield apart from some 30 years in Hope. My business experience includes manufacturing and running a finance company. I have been retired for 12 years. I have been involved in a range of voluntary activities, the most recent of which included the South Yorkshire Voluntary Council (a trustee for 10 years) and the Red Cross (chairman of the South Yorkshire Voluntary Council for six years). My leisure interests now include gardening, fly fishing, water colour painting (beginner), family, etc. I would like to make a contribution to the work of the society and the further development of Dore village.

Dore & Totley Luncheon Club

40th Anniversary Celebration

Wednesday 23rd July
Dore & Totley United Reformed Church.

A short informal service of Thanksgiving to celebrate 40 years of the Tuesday Dore & Totley Luncheon Club will be held at the United Reformed Church on Totley Brook Road on Wednesday, 23rd July @ 2.30pm. This will be followed by tea/coffee & cakes in the church hall.

All volunteers, ex volunteers and anyone with a connection to this club are welcome to attend. Please ensure that your friends who have been part of this club know of this event. We look forward to seeing you there.

Dore Village Society Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 49th AGM of the Dore Village Society will be held at Dore Methodist Church, High Street, Dore at 19.30 on Wednesday 11th June 2014.

1. Apologies for absence.
2. Approval of the minutes of the 48th AGM held on 24th April 2013.
3. Any matters arising on the minutes.
4. Chairman's statement.
5. To approve the Accounts for the year ending 31st December 2013.
6. To elect up to four executive committee members.
7. Any other business.

1. Whilst non-members are welcome to attend the meeting, only members of the Society are entitled to vote.
2. The Society's constitution permits nominations for election to the executive committee to be made up to 14 days prior to the meeting.
3. A list of those nominated will be available on the Society's website and noticeboards from 29th May 2014.

After the formal business of the AGM there will be a talk given by Philip Hetherington entitled “ Around Sheffield's Boundary”.
The boundary of the City of Sheffield amounts to a total distance of 87 miles. This talk will provide insights into events, information and interesting places along most of this boundary.

Travel South Yorkshire online interactive map

The Travel South Yorkshire online interactive map is a great way to view local bus routes, access walking paths, and search for roads within the South Yorkshire area. The page can be accessed on the Internet using this link:


The map is designed to show the buses running in each area, and the search features help users to look for bus times and routes, places of interest and other forms of travel i.e. trams and trains routes and times.

The map is easy to navigate: zooming in to the map using the + sign in the left hand corner shows road names of the area and the ability to zoom out using the – button allows for greater view of the South Yorkshire area. The map is fully accessible, and the use of either a computer mouse or the arrows in the left hand corner allows for scrolling and movement.

Whilst this map can act as a local knowledge base for road names, the real highlight of this map is that all of the South Yorkshire Travel bus stops are listed down the left-hand side in numerical order. Clicking on a chosen bus route number then automatically moves the user to the location of the first bus stop on the route, and further clicking on the ‘bus’ icon on the map lists a mini-timetable in a pop-up box. The mini-timetable states the service number of the bus and the operators and moving between the tabs shows a live timetable and also a personal journey planner. From this, you can plan your bus journey and find estimates of travel times and routes. Moreover, various other icons are displayed on the map, including tramlines, hospital locations and school locations; all of them have a journey planner available upon clicking on the icon.

For more information, the tab ‘Key’ down the left-hand side describes instructions for downloading the public transport key map for help with understanding the icons and keys used in the map.

Using the search bar in the ‘search’ tab allows the user to type in a bus number and downloadable timetables will appear for that bus service, allowing users to search for the exact bus service that they need information for.

Another useful feature is the places of interest search option located within the ‘Walking’ tab. This feature lists walking routes by area in alphabetical order. Scrolling to the bottom of the list allows the user to choose the desired area and clicking on a route brings up a journey planner pop-up box, much like the bus and tram journey plan options. Viewing the pdf for each route produces an online information page for that particular walk, and many include the types of wildlife and sites to be seen. This is particularly handy for keen hikers and wildlife watchers, and it makes for a nice feature on the whole. Finally, for ease of use, the map can be shared with friends, printed out, and toggled from full screen to half-screen by using the options in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

For more information, the ‘help’ tab offers a comprehensive description of all of the features of the map, and also provides a small guide for how best to use it.
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