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Welcome to the Dore Village Society

“The DVS AGM was held on Wednesday 13th June where we said goodbye to three long serviing committee members: Dawn Biram, Dawn Coggins and Kath Lawrence. Four new committee members were elected: Jen Donnelly, Alex Howe, Godfrey Wilkinson and Mark Ridler. Their profiles and their areas of interest will be posted on the website shortly. Caroline Burgin joined the committee in June as the new DVS secretary. We have a new Membership Secretary and assistant Treasurer, Joan Davis, while Janet Ridler is now responsible for Archives, and Mark Ridler has taken over the environment portfolio.

About Dore

Although Dore village is a relatively small suburb of Sheffield (with a population of about 7,000) it has a rich and varied collection of amenities, shops, restaurants, societies and interest groups, as well as three churches, two church halls, three public houses with restaurants, a group GP practice, a dental practice, a chiropodist, a care home for the elderly and retirement apartments for the over 60s.

Dore Village Society welcomes you to our little corner of South Yorkshire. 

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