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The information on this web site is provided for village residents, for visitors and for all who enjoy the community of Dore Village. This web site complements Dore to Door, a publication produced by the Dore Village Society.

You can contact us with any queries about the website, or with information that you would like included, by email.

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"Potty about the Peak District" talk!

Christ Church Dore Ladies Group invites you the talk with slides "Potty about the Peak District" by Sally Mosley.

The talk will take place at Church Hall, Townhead Road on Tuesday June 2nd at 7:45pm. All visitors are welcome!

Wyvern Walk - Sunday 10th May

The next Wyvern Walk is taking place on Sunday 10th May. The walk is being organised by Chris Cave and is leaving at 9:30am from the Dore Old School, Savage Lane, Dore. The walk is approx 5.85 miles.

It's a “somewhere very different” walk from Hayfield (north Derbyshire) – Blackshaw Farm – Rowarth, Weathercotes – Sett Valley Trail – Hayfield.

A very interesting walk with a refreshment stop at Little Mill Inn (after 3 miles.) They serve good food – book your lunch? Or take a picnic. If not, we shall be back in Dore around 2.30pm. Journey time is about 45 minutes. We suggest that passengers pay £2 to include the car park charge.

For more information contact Chris Cave on: 0114 2364648



Notice is hereby given that the 50th Annual General Meeting of the Dore Village Society will be held at Dore Methodist Church, High Street, Dore, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 3rd June 2015.


Apologies for absence.
Approval of the minutes of the 49th Annual General Meeting.
Chairman's statement.
To approve the accounts for the year ended 31st December 2014.
To elect up to 4 committee members.
Changes to the Society's constitution. (See below).
Items for discussion.

The AGM will be followed by a Talk on the Neighbourhood Forum (see below)

Angela Rees - Secretary 20th April 2015

Following the formal meeting, there will be a presentation by David Crosby about the Dore Neighbourhood Forum. As previously outlined in issues of Dore to Door, now that the Dore Village Society has been designated as the Dore Neighbourhood Forum, it has the responsibility of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for Dore.

This is an excellent opportunity for residents of Dore to hear all about this exciting new role that the DVS has taken on and which will have significant influence on future development in Dore. And non-members of the Society can use this opportunity to join the Society and thus be able to vote on the Dore Neighbourhood Plan.

AGM Notes
(i). Non members of the Society are welcome to attend the meeting but will not be entitled to vote.
(ii) The Society's accounts and the Independent Examiner's Report on them will be available for members of the Society on application to the treasurer from 1st May.
(iii) The Society's constitution permits nominations for election to the Executive Committee to be made up to 14 days prior to the meeting. As indicated in the January edition of Dore to Door, any nominations, together with a proposer and seconder, will need to be given to the Secretary no later than 20th May. Nomination forms can be obtained from the secretary. A list of those nominated will be placed on the Society's website and noticeboards.

Dore Village Society AGM and Proposed Changes To The Constitution

Notice is hereby given that the following changes to the constitution of the Dore Village Society will be proposed at the Annual General Meeting to be held at Dore Methodist Church, High Street, Dore at 19.30 on Wednesday 3rd June 2015.

Proposed changes to the Constitution:
The first recommended change proposed is to replace the current section 4 of the constitution, which deals with membership subscriptions, and replace it with the following:

The membership subscription shall be:

Full members per annum - £6.00
Corporate members per annum - £35.00
Junior members per annum - Free (aged 25 or under and in full time education)

or such other sum as the AGM shall determine from time to time, following a recommendation from the Executive Committee; and it shall be payable on or before 1st January each year.”

These changes are related to the designation of the DVS as a Neighbourhood Forum and our desire to encourage younger membership of the Society. [NB: the age for junior members is proposed at 25 and not 18, which was the age stated in the advance notice for the AGM in the January edition of Dore to Door].

The second proposed change is to delete the current final paragraph of section 3 of the constitution. This states:

"The subscription of a member joining in the three months preceding January in any year, shall be regarded as covering membership for the Society’s year commencing on January 1st following the date of joining the Society".

It is felt that this is confusing and that it could be seen as conflicting with the wording in section 4 (both current and proposed) as shown above, which states that subscriptions shall be payable on or before 1st January each year.

David Bearpark, Vice Chairman

The Rise of Totley Rise

'The Rise of Totley Rise,' a book written by Pauline Burnett and published by the Totley History Group, is now on sale at the Dore post office and at the village stores for £5.

The book tells the story of how Totley was named, and how it has grown from a simple mill in 1875 to the community we know today. Well worth a read for people wanting to know more about the area!

New team needed for the Blackamoor Brownie Unit in Dore

The Blackamoor Brownie Unit in Dore is urgently looking for a new team to take over leadership of the group. The team plans and organises an activity programme, manages the online database and maintains the accounts. All roles are very rewarding and help, support, and training will be offered if Girlguiding is new to you. All you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and have fun.

If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested, please contact Lynne Davis, the Blackamoor District Commissioner at 07916 727725. Alternatively you can email her at blackamoordistrict@gmail.com

Amey Road Resurfacing

Amey are scheduled to start work on road resurfacing, footpath repair and renewal and replacing street lamps in Dore and Totley shortly. Dore is scheduled for September 2015 through to September 2016 and Totley from September 2015 through to December 2017.

The work will not be continuous but carried out in phases. There's a map on the DVS noticeboard on Devonshire Terrace Rd, Dore showing where and when the work is being carried out.

DVS committee members met with our local councillors, representatives from the Council and Amey liaison recently to ensure that Amey is aware of items which we want addressed. We covered highway drainage gullies and road drains (particularly eliminating the River Savage), street lighting, grass verge damage caused by motorists parking on verges, and liaison with residents prior to, and during, the work.

Amey has a liaison officer you can contact: Claire Tideswell - South West Community Steward, Streets Ahead - Streetsahead@sheffield.gov.uk

A map of the Amey roadworks plans can be accessed here

Dore Village Society is now also a Neighbourhood Planning Forum

Both Sheffield City Council and the Peak District Planning Authority have approved Dore Village Society’s applications to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum and agreed the Neighbourhood Planning Area for Dore.

Both local planning authorities are required to support the preparation of a neighbourhood plan. Any neighbourhood plan must comply with the local plans for both local authority areas but there is scope to influence the location and type of development that the community feels is appropriate to protect and enhance the village and its countryside context.

Under the Localism Act 2011 the designation permits the Dore Village Society to prepare a neighbourhood plan that can make planning policies to reflect the local community’s views on new development in the area for the next 15-20 years. This is a good reason for members of the community becoming members of Dore Village Society. If you live or work in the village your membership will be welcomed.

Work on the Plan has commenced, encouraged by the two local planning authorities. The initial work has been based on the Village Design Statement published by Dore Village Society in 2005 and on further consultation undertaken of the whole community through questionnaires in Dore to Door and the Dore Village Society website.

We are still in the early stages of preparing a draft neighbourhood plan and would welcome the offer of help and support from any individual or village group.

Please contact David Crosby; davidcrosby85@yahoo.co.uk

Dore Open Gardens 2014

Dore Open Gardens, one of the early events in the Dore Festival calendar, was very well attended again with eight gardens open and over 330 visitors.

The gardens ranged from geometrically formal to mysterious and intriguing, with a large range of plants, trees and shrubs on display as well as refreshments and plants for sale. The weather was well behaved and nearly £2,200 was raised for the various charities chosen by the garden owners.

Our thanks go to the people who spent so much time and effort preparing their gardens for display and whose unstinting efforts were crucial to making this event a success. We look forward to repeating this again next year and if you would like to open your garden please let us know.

Keith Shaw (keith@keithshaw.co.uk or 0114 236 3598) and Jean Stevens (jean@pcfhowes.plus.com or 0114 236 9156), organisers of Dore Open Gardens 2014.
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