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Help to Save Dore's New Saplings

Help is urgently needed with watering of the new saplings, they’re suffering badly in this hot weather. This is the message with some simple guidance that we’ve sent out to tree folk but this needs to be a concerted community effort if the substitute trees are to survive!!

We are concerned that in this hot weather that many of the new trees are not getting watered enough. If you have any near you, would you and your neighbours be prepared to help? We've taken advice and one or two big watering cans every other day for each tree would help. The advice is not to use the watering tube but to make sure the root ball gets a big drench. Water slowly close to the stem - like rain and not in the heat of the day but in the early morning or evening.  The key is to ensure that water soaks into the ground and doesn't run off. A lot of water every other day is better than little and often. Regular watering could be a watering can full every other day. But in this hot weather, a couple of cans every day would be a good idea. 

If you are prepared to look after a particular sapling, for instance if it is planted outside your house, please let Ann Anderson know on 07715 623523.