Profile - Christina Stark

I was born in London with Scottish Parents, and moved to Sheffield at the age of seven, living at the top of Millhouses Lane.
I went to Milnhurst Convent School and moved further down Millhouses Lane to a quiet cul-de-sac that stayed the family home until about six months ago.
I joined the Y.C. (young Conservatives) at 16 and enjoyed both the Political and Social side of going to conferences and barbecues. I was Miss Y.C. for Sheffield.
I worked at Radio Sheffield in its infancy and as a model (both catwalk and fashion) while learning my trade in the family business of the distribution of Sunday newspapers.
I took Mirror Group Newspapers to Court for sex discrimination, later becoming the largest News International agent in the country and the Mail on Sunday too.
I was married in Sheffield at the United Reform Church which I still attend, and made history when I had my divorce celebrated in the Church.
I have two married sons; the youngest lives in Sheffield with his wife and my two beautiful granddaughters.
I Worked for B.I.C ( Business in the Community) and for South Yorkshire Foundation, raising money for local Charities including the World Student Games, The Lyceum and many small groups with smaller needs.
I am a Governor of a Sheffield Junior school and go to read with the children there.
I worked for Yorkshire Cable from its launch till 18 months ago.
I seem to have spent all of the last year moving house, having sold both my own and Mother's homes and bought a bungalow which my mother now lives in, in her grannie flat but we spend quality time together.
I now run a unit at the Sheffield Antique Emporium enjoying the ancient art of recycling with a 21st century attitude.