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Dore Scouts buy defibrillator with help from the Co-op

Dore & Totley Co-op


267th Dore Scout Group
Working in Partnership
Bringing a Defibrillator Unit to Dore.

We have achieved success. Co-op members, by supporting Dore Scout Group as your local Co-op charity you have helped us raise sufficient funds to purchase a defibrillator. We now need you to reaffirm us as your chosen charity in the second round of funding (November 2017 to October 2018). This is very important to ensure we raise sufficient funds to maintain the unit for many years to come.
Our thanks go to Kath Ruddiforth (Manageress of the Dore Co-op) and Jamie Marshall (Manager of the Totley Co-op) and their staff for supporting our Scout Group and project.
To celebrate our success, we are holding an Open Day on 17th of March at 267 th Dore Scout Group HQ on Rushley Road, S17 3EH, from 11am to 2pm. The event will include talks by health professionals, question and answer sessions, CPR and defibrillator instruction, demonstrations and much more.
Please join us on the 17th March. It will be a celebration of our achievement and a chance for you to find out more about the use of a defibrillator. Any person could use the unit in an emergency and by doing so save a child or adult’s life. Come along, and find out how you could save someone’s life.
Light refreshments will be available. Talks and demonstrations will take place at timed intervals. Check the information leaflets at the local Co-ops (available mid February), on posters around Dore or visit our website:
267th Dore Scout Group