Upcoming Events

Dore Show 2019

Dore Show 2019 will be on Saturday, 7th September. 

The show itself will run from 2pm to 6pm, but registration of entries will begin at 8.45am. A full timetable is below.

The full list of classes appeared in Dore to Door magazine issue 134, and will also be listed in issue 135 which publishes on August 16th. Click here to download a copy of the appropriate magazine for further information.

Dore Show Timetable

  • 08:45am Registration of entries commences
  • 10:30am Registration of entries closes
  • 1.45pm Sale of programs for entry to events and exhibits commences
  • 2:00pm Show opens
  • 2:00pm Oughtibridge Brass Band and The Tuneless Choir performing at half hour  intervals
  • 3:30pm Presentation of Cups and Shields (in the Old School)
  • 4.15pm Raffle draw (in the Old School)
  • 4:30pm Exhibition closes
  • 4:40pm Charity Auction (in the Old School yard)
  • 5.00pm Removal of exhibits from the Church Hall
  • 5:15pm Prize money to be collected from the Old School (or after the auction ends)
  • 6:00pm Dore Show 2019 ends